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Upcoming Events


We're so excited to close out our year as a WIPA Chapter in Formation! We would love to be able to announce a formal chapter with at least 30 members at this event, so please take advantage of the current membership drive and receive a waived $50 application fee! Drive starts today and runs through 12/6/21.

(note: you pay the $50 upon joining and it will be refunded to you once the membership drive is over)

You can join at the same time you register for the meeting!

Registration closes December 1st

We are honored to work with John Gandy Events and his Tallahassee-based team for our event design, Los Robles Women's Club as our beautiful venue, the AC Hotel | Marriott for room blocks, entertainment from Brian Buonassissi, and so many more wonderful creative partners! Please let us know if you are interested in participating or showcasing your services at any of our events.

We can't wait to celebrate our Northwest Florida Panhandle event with sips and entertainment in historic Tallahassee. Please be sure to sign up for our email list to stay up to date on future events and chapter news!

The Women's Club of Historic Los Robles, Tallahassee
1513 Cristobal Drive, Tallahassee, FL



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For additional information on your local chapter, please contact [email protected].