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Diversity + Inclusion Update


As we wrap up another month and tiptoe into April….the dream of getting out of COVID is becoming such a reality as the phones are starting to ring more and more for inquiries for weddings planned. March Madness is apropos to describe our state of affairs – millions of Americans being vaccinated, restaurants and bars opening up to 25% capacity and schools going back to a hybrid model while still navigating through fears of getting sick, physical distancing and the potential rise in new cases from a new strand of the virus, and feeling sick and tired of the senseless acts of hate against our Asian American community, as well as the senseless killings in our nation. All the while in our little world in our world of events, we are slowing awakening from a dead sleep pushing forward from uncertainty to transition with us screaming “OPEN UP ALREADY!”

For us at WIPA, the D+I Committee, along with Leadership, have been ‘the little engines that could’ making our voices heard and working on fortifying strategic alliances to continue on our path of learning and educating on what it means to be diverse and inclusive and build a sense of community so that everyone feels welcomed. This month we are proud to announce that we have formed a partnership with the Timothy S.Y. Lam Foundation to advance diversity and inclusion initiatives in the events industry. The Foundation has committed to an educational grant, which will be used to offer virtual diversity + inclusion education to WIPA members across the US and internationally.  Additionally, we have also signed a strategic partnership with The National Society of Black Wedding and Event Professionals to create the change we want TOGETHER by sharing platforms, resources and education with one another and our communities.

Lastly, following in the footsteps of the Atlanta Chapter [they had their D+I Series Dinner in February], with our Atlanta chapter D+I Director Jacqueline Vizcaino (aka Jax) as our host and moderator, we held our first D+I Series talk on ‘Racial Inequality’ during our D+I committee March monthly board meeting.  The conversation called for us all to reflect on our past experiences dealing with injustices and racial inequalities, to share our stories and how they have played a role in our lives. We will continue the series with our next topic ‘Inclusive Culture’ sometime this next quarter. Again, we feel that we are having the conversations to be heard and to know we matter.

We realize that we might not get it all right and may make mistakes along the way, but the efforts to identify and fight against racial inequality, racism, ignorance, discrimination; focus on the underrepresented, and to have those critical and sometimes uncomfortable conversations is our commitment. We are working collectively to figure out the ‘wrongs.’ Part of it is shifting our mindset from ‘teaching’ to ‘learning’ and that includes actively listening to people’s ‘whys’; their and our stories that are motivating us to take a stand, call to question our leaders’ actions or lack thereof,  to demand for awareness and change;  all in all for us to be better humans for each other and our society at large.  It is our promise, as we go into this next month, to continue to provide learning opportunities in education, community outreach and marketing to not only change our mindset, but to see everyone for their talents, their gifts, their person.

Let’s work together, stand together, make change together and create beautiful and meaningful events as ONE community of creatives.

Peace + Love,


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