Suggested Letter to Members of Congress


  • While Congress is considering the hospitality industry in the relief package, we urge members of the wedding industry to write to Congress requesting that the wedding  industry is included in the relief package..
  • To find the name of your congressman and senators and contact information: Follow these links and enter your zip code or address.

Senators (Find Online):

House of Representatives (Find Online):

When writing your letter be specific about the numbers of weddings, dollar amounts and job loss that your business will suffer.  Click on letter to download Word document or find text to copy and paste below the letter.

I am writing to request that you include the members of the Wedding Industry in the relief package quickly working way through Congress. 

My small business located in _____________   typically (photographs, plans, caters,) ___________ number of wedding per year.  In the last week we have had cancellations of (specific number of weddings) which will represent (Loss of immediate revenue) Hopefully all of these couples will reschedule their wedding celebration later in the year. 

In the meantime, I am forced to lay off (site specific number so employees or contractors) while we promote efforts for social distancing, cancellation of large events to help protect our brides and grooms, their family and friends until the threats of the virus has passed.