2022 International Diversity + Inclusion Director
Jacqueline Vizcaino

 WIPA's Diversity + Inclusion
Mission Statement:

At WIPA, we promote inclusivity in the wedding industry through active community engagement. We are fiercely committed to increasing the diversity of our membership through outreach, representation, and education.

Our 2022 Committee
Matt Mitchell
Atlanta Chapter

Jenna Jaeger
Colorado Chapter

Lance Panton
Dallas Chapter

Bruce Russell
Ireland Chapter
Ricardo Gudiño
Las Vegas Chapter

Karen Vice
Nebraska Chapter

Deliece Knights
New York Chapter

Coy Gallaway
Phoenix Chapter
Chanda Daniels
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Jenn Tai
Seattle Chapter

Erika Bowers
Southern California

Christie Osborne
Member At Large
Mark Miller
Utah Chapter


In our continued work with our D+I Consultant, the following resources were strongly recommended for those interested in further exploring diversity and inclusion:

ArticlePodcastMovie, and Book
Harvard Business Review's collection of D&I content.

Anti-Racism Resources to Support Asian-America Pacific Islander Community 

Here's How to be an Ally to the Asian + Asian-American Community




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