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WIPA Partners with Allseated During Industry Reopening

The Wedding International Professionals Association (WIPA) and Allseated are pleased to announce a partnership to develop planning resources in preparation for reopening the events industry in a post-pandemic landscape.

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Time to Audit Your Marketing Plan? Get Started with These 4 Tips

To say 2020 was challenging for wedding pros is an understatement. As we look forward to 2021 and 2022, smart wedding pros will use the experience of 2020 to ask and answer some important questions, such as, how we do business in a post-Pandemic world and what sustainability looks like in our industry.

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WIPA Partners with Equally Wed Pro as Pride Month Nears

The Wedding International Professionals Association (WIPA) and Equally Wed Pro are pleased to announce a partnership to advance inclusivity initiatives in the events industry. 

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Implementing Upcharges Smartly (Without Being Salesy)

There isn’t a business owner in the world that would turn down an opportunity to increase revenue from every sale. Yet, not many take advantage of the chance to upsell — even when it’s right in front of them. Some may not recognize it whereas others may feel uncomfortable pushing an upcharge, but a simple adjustment to one’s mindset is all it takes to start building profit without putting off your clients.

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SFBA President Video Letter April 2021

Happy April and welcome to Springtime, everyone! Kristen Seaholm here, your WIPA San Francisco Bay Area President, serving the greater Northern California region. We have had a lot of statewide updates over the past couple of weeks so let’s go ahead and chat about those real quick. As you may already be aware, on April 2nd, Governor Newsom finally released tiered event guidelines. If you have not already reviewed these, please refer to the link within my transcript, as this will be an incredibly helpful tool as we all begin to safely reopen for events.

To then follow that welcomed update, about a week later, Governor Newsom also announced a goal of fully reopening the state of California by June 15th, assuming we keep along the current trajectory. Now, as exciting as this is, we must remember that this does not mean that events are reopening to pre-covid times. Quite the contrary, actually. If anything, the current misleading messaging is only going to make it harder on each and every one of us when communicating to our clients about covid-safe system and procedures for their upcoming event, as we will be the only line of defense in incorporating these safe practices. I encourage you all to mentally prepare yourselves now as the onslaught of inquiries begin rolling in. And again, I highly encourage you to refer to the tiered blueprint I mentioned above, to help guide you in best practices.

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Back to Business, Part 1 - NSBWEP Webinar


WIPA MEMBERS, join The National Society of Black Wedding & Event Professionals on April 22nd at 5pm for the webinar "Back to Business, Part 1 with @CROWDPASS...

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Revealing 4 Must-Have Elements of Your Business Structure

Running a successful business can often feel like you're spending the bulk of your time working on client work, but smart wedding pros know that they must also commit to optimizing your business structure to keep clients happy. After all, a disorganized and chaotic backend is enough to alert clients to deeper problems and turn prospects away to your competitors.

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3 Things to Consider Before Starting the Hiring Process

2020 was a difficult year for countless reasons, but one of the hardest challenges for business owners was the decision to lay off employees due to a lack of live events and, consequently, a drop in revenue. As the light at the end of the tunnel becomes brighter, some wedding pros will need to consider rehiring a team to handle the heavy workload that awaits the industry on the other side.

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About WIPA 2021

Establishing Expectations (The Right Way) With Your Fellow Vendors

Working in the wedding and events industry involves crossing paths with many different personalities. On one hand, you’ll find creative partners that seem to get you and your thought process instantly. On the other hand, you’ll also find those who you have to work a little harder to get on the same page. 

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February Video Message From SFBA President, Kristen Seaholm

February 2021 Newsletter President Video Transcript

Hello, Everyone! And welcome back for another round of What’s Up With WIPA and the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, serving the greater Northern California region. I am your president, Kristen Seaholm, and we have a lot to cover this month, so let’s jump right in.

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Moving Beyond Racial Bias in the Wedding Industry

Revisiting: Moving Beyond Racial Bias in the Wedding Industry
A Recap from Bron Hansboro “Moving the Race Needle Forward”

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The True Value of Firm Boundaries & How to Draw Them

Ah, boundaries. It’s one of the stickier subjects in life, both in personal and professional aspects. While they’re absolutely necessary for preserving your sanity, it can be a difficult line to draw when you know it’s possible that it could disappoint others. 

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Safety First: Tips on how to produce a safe in-person wedding in 2020 and 2021

Live parties are back...well, sort of. In Utah, we’ve seen our fair share of in-person weddings recently. If a couple didn’t postpone their wedding to 2021 (most did), eager hosts threw an end-of-summer or fall celebration. Sure, they were smaller in size, but not all were smaller in budget or style. 

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Are Paid Directories for You?

There is a lot of value to be had from paid directories but oftentimes seeing success from your directory investments can feel elusive and even frustrating. As with any marketing tactic, it requires your time and effort to maximize its impact. While directories can work for most businesses, it’s important to understand whether it’s the right time to join and, of course, you need to find the best directory to fit your needs.

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Making the Most of Your Industry Association Membership in Crisis

In times of crisis, our network is one of the most valuable resources we have to lean on. As a member of an industry association, your network goes further and deeper with wedding professionals across the industry, especially in your local chapter.

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3 Questions to Ask When Performing a Digital Audit

Technology is always changing to offer new solutions and alternatives to increase efficiency and productivity. While it can seem overwhelming to keep up with all the digital tools available, it doesn’t take long for us to feel dated and behind-the-times if we’re not evolving alongside the technology market.

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Wedding Planners: Here’s How to Follow Up on an Inquiry


An inbox full of inquiries is never a bad thing, but it can quickly feel overwhelming when each of them is on a deadline. In modern society, we've seen a shift in consumer behavior that shows that buyers are doing extensive research on purchasing decisions, and they're quick to skip over any company that doesn't reach them on their level. 

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WIPA Wedding Experts Chart New Normal in Wake of COVID

Over Half of Americans Are Postponing Their Weddings—at What Cost?

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