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Are Your Tech Strategies in Place to Accommodate Gen Z Couples During Coronavirus?

Things have gotten tricky for those in the throes of wedding planning, as the spread of Coronavirus has companies shuttering their doors temporarily and people are asked to self-isolate at home. For an industry that thrives on face-to-face interactions, the special events industry has been hit especially hard by this crisis.

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Wedding Planner Workflow: The 4 Steps You Need to Know

We all have workflows in place to make our lives a bit easier, but when left unattended, these systems can actually make our lives harder. If you find that your business operations have become inefficient, muddied, and outdated, it’s a good sign that you need to readjust and refine your processes. Fortunately, with a bit of proactive thinking and some help from technology, you can get your workflow back on track and ready for a prosperous year ahead. Here are four steps to realigning your workflow and saving yourself both time and sanity through efficient and effective processes.

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