WIPA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (D&I) Committee is making progress in organization-wide diversity initiatives

The (D&I) Committee was formed to create a culture of equity, embrace differences, and promote diverse backgrounds and cultures amongst our membership and in the wedding industry.

Even though our initiative is still in its infancy stage, compared to the length of time silence and oppression have existed, the committee has made strides. For example, creating a conscience awareness amongst vendors and suppliers in the wedding industry and developing resources for members who want to learn more about creating inclusive weddings—increasing the representation and celebration of people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, and people with disabilities in our organization.

The committee has also been creating a safe space for members to have difficult conversations about race, ethnicity, and culture in the wedding industry. We believe that by promoting dialogue and understanding topics such as Allyship, Accessibility, and Unconscious Bias, we can progress toward equity for all and leave the conversation dignified and respected.

As an organization, WIPA™️ is committed to increasing the number of diverse speakers, sharing lived experiences at our events, and ensuring that our marketing materials represent our membership's diversity.

Our steadfast commitment is to continue our work in these areas and expand our efforts to make WIPA™️ a cornerstone for wedding education and growth. A diversity of perspectives and voices makes us a more vital organization and better positioned to serve our members and the wedding industry.

If our mission resonates with what you see for your wedding business, local network, and community, you have a home at your local WIPA™️ chapter. If you are already a member, consider reaching out to become part of your local chapter board. If there isn’t a local chapter, consider being part of your local steering committee to launch a chapter in development.

Peace + Love,

Jacqueline “Jax” Vizcaino
2022 WIPA Diversity + Inclusion Director

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