2020 Songs You Might Be Seeing on the Dance Floor

I see many wedding trends when it comes to music for weddings. I am especially seeing that couples want to have their unique musical tastes on display to represent the soundtrack of their love. I am also seeing less traditional customs like the full wedding party grand entrance, bouquet toss, and garter toss being included in their wedding celebration. On a rare occasion, I have seen the first dance not included either but it is still one of the most important moments of the event. But most couples want a first dance song that unique to them and speaks to their love but I have found five songs that I can see being a part of 2020 weddings. I did my research on my weddingsongs.com where they curate trending music for weddings. I have found my top 5 songs that have been released in the last couple of months.

1. Finally//Beautiful Stranger by Halsey

I love this modern indie type sound with Halsey's unique voice. It has a nice pace to it, not too fast but something you could slowly waltz to. A perfect dance to draw in your guests as they watch you dance your first dance. Plus the lyrics are very romantic and relevant to slow dance.

2. Forever Young (Cover) sung by Andrea Von Kampen

Couples love modern covers of classic songs. I can see this cover of Alphaville's 80's classic song made popular by Napoleon Dynamite just as popular as the "Can't Help Falling In Love" cover by Hailey Reinhart. This a great throwback song cover with a simple melody and guitar with the soothing voice of Andrea Von Kampen. I see this as a perfect first dance or even a great song to walk down the aisle. Also could be perfect to do your secret last dance to.

3. 10,000 Hours by Dan + Shay with Justin Bieber

This song is the perfect crossover pop/country hit with artists most younger couples have grown up listening to over the years. It is a little bit more upbeat and but it is a fun song that people will be singing along to. Plus the shortest song on the list coming in under 3 minutes at 2:47.

4. Lover (First Dance Remix) by Taylor Swift

T-Swift does it again with an orchestral build to slowly lead the couple to the dance floor or down the aisle. This was specifically remixed for weddings and it has a great pace to it when dynamic sections to twirl and dip your partner. This would also be a fun song to invite your guests to join you on the dance floor. After the second chorus she sings "Ladies and Gentlemen will you please stand" at the 2:22 mark which would be perfect to have your guests join you on the dance floor. I can see this being a very popular song so be the first to do it in 2020.

5. Homesick (First Dance Version) by Kane Brown

Another "first dance version" of a song created for romance during a wedding. For those who love country ballads, this is a great song by Kane Brown that has that country flavor. He weaves a tale that connects couples for their longing to be together. For couples that have been planning their wedding from long distance, this fits perfectly into that narrative.

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