How to Prep for Your Hair and Makeup Trial

I have met with hundreds of brides in my twelve year career and let me tell you gals, the questions are always the same when it comes to preparing for your bridal trial. Do I wash my hair? Do I come with no makeup? What do I need to bring? Don’t worry gals I’ve got you covered, here are the top 5 things you need to know when meeting with your artist.

1. Dry & Clean Hair

We have all the tips and tricks to dirty that hair up gals so come squeaky clean, air dry or rough blow dry and we will do the rest..

2. Prep your skin

I always suggest a fresh face, lightly exfoliate, moisturize and come bare face we have everything you’ll need in our kit. If you have sensitivities or have a product you can’t live without just chat with your artist before hand I’m sure they will gladly accommodate if possible

3. Find some Inspiration

Take a deep dive into Pinterest and Instagram I suggest finding images that resemble your features, hair length, hair color, skin complexion and send to your artist before your trial. This will allow you both to look over your inspiration boards and come up with a tailored look specifically for you.

4. Don’t be shy

This is your trial for your wedding, think of it like a practice before a performance. If you aren’t crazy about the winged liner that you had your heart set on, don’t be shy gal speak up! Your artist is there to create a look tailored just for you and we won’t take it personal if you want to change that red lip back to neutral or add a little more shadow for a soft smokey eye. We are there to guide you but making you feel your fabulous self is the ultimate goal.

5. Take a selfie

Snap Snap Snap away! Find your light, take a photo in every room, and every light you can find so you can see how your hair and makeup photograph, remember you are investing in a photographer to take photos that will last you a lifetime so your makeup is going to be a smidgen heavier than normal.

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