If January is the month for new beginnings and resolutions, then June was our chance to reflect, adjust and make plans accordingly.

In June, representatives from the International Board, as well as each chapter, met to discuss how we as an association can amplify our diversity efforts. Priorities were identified, and everyone was in unanimous agreement that a Diversity + Inclusion Committee should be established. Stay tuned next week, as we share more, along with a call for volunteers.

After four months and 49 webinars, we’re officially winding down our ongoing series for the industry. We’ll have two this month, two in August, and then be back to monthly webinars exclusively for members thereafter. My hope is that these webinars have helped, in some ways, to bridge the gap for education while we are unable to meet in person.

With that, if you weren’t able to attend the Bron Hansboro webinar earlier today on Moving the Race Needle Forward, we will be providing an extensive recap on the blog shortly.

I know it sometimes feels like we’re taking a big step forward, then small steps back, but I’m confident we’re heading in the right direction. 

I’d like to finish this month with a quote from author Wayne W. Dyer - "Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change."

Kevin M. Dennis, CPCE
2020 WIPA President


WIPA is more than an organization dedicated to event excellence. We are a community of people first and foremost. During this challenging time we want to know how you are doing and what else we can be doing for you. Please take a moment to fill out this brief questionnaire


A few of the questions relate to the financial aspect that this pandemic has taken on our industry collectively. This information will be helpful in sharing with regulators and elected officials as we seek to bring the industry back. We appreciate your time in completing the brief survey and sharing the impact your business has suffered.

  WIPA Dues Delay  

 The WIPA International Board voted to 
 suspend dues billing for all members 
 through September 1, 2020 
 to guarantee that no member loses the benefits 
 of WIPA membership during this pandemic. 

Wednesday July 15 – 11:00 AM PST
Kelly Treadway
Content-19: Posting During A Pandemic


During these uncertain times WIPA
have made our Webinar videos open to all.

Go to WIPA.org and visit the
Webinar Library to view these and more videos.

Awards of Excellence 2020 Postponed

From J.Wilbur Smith, WIPA International Director of Professional Development

 After speaking to members across the country, last month the WIPA Board voted to postpone the 2020 awards in light of the pandemic and devastation across our industry.  

 With the challenges most all of us have faced, I feel we should support our members and make a united stand to continue to support them as a whole. I personally feel this is the wrong time to ask for their awards entry fees.  Monetarily speaking, this would also save them travel and hotel stays (and all things that come with awards galas).

 WIPA must continue to concentrate its efforts for the industry’s well being  until all areas open up again.  Once the  awards  are open next year, we will extend the eligibility for  the timeframe to include weddings from 2019 until June 30th, 2021 – culminating in an even larger, more highly attended event – and a great time to celebrate as one!


Our new job board is online
at www.wipa.works.
Please take some time and see
who joined WIPA this month.

The WIPA bylaws requires that the Board prepare and report an annual fiscal statement for the membership. Since the tax filing deadline was delayed this year, so too was WIPA’s tax filing for International and the Chapters. Once filing is complete and accepted by the IRS by the July 15 deadline the annual filing for the previous year is available and on file for any member to request.

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