February 2021
Transcription of video above:

So, I grew up somewhere between a mediocre and above average basketball player, depending on the year. But I was very, very fortunate that my dad was the coach, and he was anything but average.

So here I was, always trying to do big things. I wanted to perfect my hook shot - that was my huge thing growing up. But my dad was all about the fundamentals. For him, it was more important that I could shoot well from the foul line. It was more important to him that I understood zone defense, and that I could be proficient dribbling with both my left and my right hand. The big stuff would happen, but we had to establish that baseline first and build those fundamentals.

And I've thought about that lesson over and over again in my first month as WIPA President. You see, what we do every year - the first week of the year, International gets together. This year, virtually. And we went ahead and improved the SOPs - International, as well as chapter. And then we take those chapter SOPs, and we go to every single chapter and we relay it to them. We go through them at length. We answer questions. We discuss challenges. They finalize them, and then we can move forward to do big things.

For us, it was all about establishing a baseline. We've gone through some of our tech solutions for the year. We've gone through the SOPs, and we've met with everyone.

And the hope is, we can now move on over to the next 11 months to do big things.

But before we do that, I would be remiss if I did not thank every single one of the chapters who very kindly welcomed us in; there were so many different versions of meetings. We saw very successful hybrid events, virtual events and so on and so forth. But everyone was hospitable and gracious, and I daresay that we even had fun. Which you don't think about when you think about going over many, many, many pages of SOPs. But in all of them, we had fun together.

Now, I also want to go ahead and thank Mara and Ashley - who joined us from International on multiple chapter meetings, so that they could learn the ins and outs of running them in the future on their own.

I'd also be remiss if I didn't thank Immediate Past President, Kevin Dennis - who would want to make sure I told everybody that he, in fact, did many, many more SOP meetings than I did. So Kevin, I'm grateful for that as well.

In leaving you today, I want to tell you how excited I am about the next 11 months. I have been meeting with all of the board members. We've already had our first Presidents' Meeting, and we're talking about what we want to get done this year. We've now established our fundamentals, and we can go on to do big things.

So, I wish you very well in this coming month. As always, I am available if there's anything that I can do for you. Take care.