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Summary: Everyone wants in on the luxury market. Why? Because we've been lead to believe it means dollars! But does it? What is the cost of entry into the luxury market and will your brand get you there? For most of us, "brand" is a mystery. Add to that a layer of complexity that says, in today's market, it's all about exclusivity and instantly, your brand, whatever that may be, must not only be accessible but aspirational. Is it even possible to create a brand that is relatable and available to all but still elusive enough to make you want it? Let's discuss the "entry fee" into the luxury market and what it takes to get there.
 Learning Objectives: If everyone could leave with (1) a clear understanding of why your brand matters, (2) a roadmap for building out or refining your brand, and (3) the top considerations for whether you want IN on the luxury market following a year where "inclusivity" was and is the biggest story across industries then we did werk!!!


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