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The International School of Hospitality (TISOH) is a unique school developed to provide quality, practical short-term continuing education and career training programs which enable participants to apply their learning toward personal fulfillment, professional advancement and career development in the hospitality industry.

TISOH’s course content, for each diploma and certificate offering, is predominantly task-oriented and practical, so that learning parallels the duties and responsibilities of industry incumbents. TISOH trains individuals using hands-on approaches that are applicable to specific industry jobs and professions, as opposed to traditional degree-focused pedagogical methods. TISOH’s core mission of quality service and professionalism, consistent with the hospitality industry’s standards, is a key component of all TISOH’s certificate and diploma offerings. Our staff and industry professional instructors set appropriate examples by interacting with students, and each other, in the spirit of hospitality.

Certification Review Committee

Ashley Allan MBA MSL
Meghan Ely
Lindsay Fogarty CPCE
Daniela Grafman CSEP
Mara Mazdzer

Certification Development Committee

Therese Cole-Hubbs
Rrivre Davies
Kevin Dennis CPCE
Nahid Farhoud
Lindsay Fogarty CPCE
Heather Jones
Pauline Parry

Concept Development

Brit Bertino CSEP CGSP
Therese Cole-Hubbs
Kevin Dennis CPCE
Paula Laskelle
Pauline Parry
Carol Rosen CSEP

Contributing Authors

Content Contributors

Eric Acuna
Latasha Marie Baldwin
Brit Bertino CSEP CGSP
David Calzaretta
Heather Cassady Esq.
Therese Cole-Hubbs
Amelia Cooper
Renee Scotti Dalo
Rrivre Davies
Kevin Dennis CPCE
Stacy Failing CSEP
Daniela Grafman CSEP
Cynthia Harris
Lisa Hladish

Jacqueline Hill
Jon Lemon
Michelle Loretta
Christine Osborne
Girija Bhargava Patel JD
Pauline Parry
JP Reynolds M.Div.
Alleicha Roman
Paul Rumohr
John Sanchez
Mandy Scott
Lindsay Sims
Meryl Snow
Annette Stepanian Esq.
Rebecca Stebbins MBA, CHE, CMP

Tiffany Chalk
Cindy Danborn PWP CWP
Helen Edell
Adam Frazier
Arturo and Sandra Velasquez
Jeremy Wolff