Taking Advantage of Tech in 2022: Downloading the Update Your Event Company Needs

Taking Advantage of Tech in 2022: Downloading the Update Your Event Company Needs

As the wedding industry evolves, so too does the tech landscape. New apps and software are always emerging to support business operations, so event professionals are wise to keep tabs on the latest trends and update their tech regularly.

But it can be challenging to keep up with tech when business is keeping you stretched thin—particularly amidst this year’s wedding boom.

Fortunately, we did the research for you! If you know your company needs a tech upgrade, consider adopting some of these digital tools to increase efficiency and optimize your business’s internal operations.


You may have seen AirTable around, as it’s quickly becoming a beloved tool for small business owners. With features allowing you to create interactive spreadsheets, forms, galleries, Kanban tables, and more, AirTable can serve every need, from organizing creative partner information, managing project timelines, and collecting client feedback.

This fully-customizable program also offers automated functions to streamline your workflows. The best part? The free plan is robust enough that many entrepreneurs can take advantage of the platform without upgrading to the paid version.


Tired of juggling accounting software, losing receipts, and missing bill payments? Expensify brings all of your company’s finances into one neat interface. The free plan is surprisingly extensive, offering businesses corporate cards and the ability to easily reimburse team expenses, pay bills, and send invoices.

Don’t need all of that? There’s also a free plan just for solopreneurs and smaller businesses, allowing you to track expenses and mileage, send invoices, receive and send money, and collaborate with accountants.


There’s nothing quite as frustrating as having a beautiful shot that is nearly Instagram-worthy — if only it didn’t have a pesky shadow or someone’s ill-timed arm in the way. Enter: TouchRetouch, a mobile app that lets you remove unwanted objects from photos with the tap of a finger.

No more hassling with Photoshop or letting imperfect pictures go unused! While TouchRetouch isn’t free, it comes with a low price tag of $3.99, which is well worth having on-the-go retouching technology in your pocket.


If you’re not a writer or simply don’t have time to develop marketing copy, let Copy.AI handle it for you. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this program generates fresh sales and marketing copy based on a simple description of your company and its offerings. You can select headlines, product descriptions, and more.

It produces several iterations at once, so you can pick and choose what you like — or run it again to see more. While there’s no replacing a professional copywriter, sometimes you just need a bit of messaging in a pinch — and Copy.AI can serve those needs. Try it for free and see what it can create for your brand!


This one is just for wedding and event professionals! Merri is a 3D visualization tool for event design and planning, with the ability to select specific venues, build vision boards, create layouts, and collaborate with fellow vendors.

But that’s not all — you can also visualize tablescapes, complete with napkin folds, flatware styles, place cards, and more. They also offer a tent designer and draping tool to map out tent sizes, floor plans, and design details, ensuring that everything is planned out to a T.

If anything on this list stuck out to you, give it a shot! The best way to find out if a digital solution fits your business is simply to test it out and see how you and your team like it. A great tech environment is critical to your ability to streamline and scale, so don’t let this fall on the backburner!

Kevin Dennis is the editor of WeddingIQ and the owner of Fantasy Sound Event Services, a full-service event company based in Livermore, California. Dennis is the current international president for WIPA.

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