Leadership Code of Ethics for Board of Directors

In addition to the WIPA Member Code of Ethics, the International and Chapter Board of Directors will also follow:

1. Leadership and Strategic Guidance

Act with due diligence and care in providing strategic direction and oversight to ensure that WIPA achieves its mission, vision, and goals. As leaders, we will inspire others through our commitment and actions.

2. Conflict of Interest and Disclosure

Maintain transparency and act with integrity to avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest in our roles as Board members. This includes refraining from using our positions for personal gain at the expense of WIPA, its reputation, or its members. We understand the importance of declaring any personal, business, or professional interests that might conflict with the interests of WIPA. We commit to openly disclose any potential conflicts to the Board in a timely manner and to recuse ourselves from decision-making processes where we may be perceived as having a conflict of interest. Our primary duty is to WIPA and we will always prioritize the organization’s best interests above our own. We understand the importance of not just avoiding conflicts, but the appearance of such conflicts, to maintain trust and integrity in our roles as Board members.

3. Stewardship and Accountability

Ensure responsible use of WIPA’s resources and assets for the organization’s mission and not for personal benefit or gain. Be accountable for our decisions and actions as representatives of WIPA and accept responsibility for maintaining the trust of the membership and the broader community.

4. Confidentiality and Privacy Protection

We acknowledge and respect the sensitivity of information that we may be privy to in our roles as Board members. This includes, but is not limited to, strategic plans, financial data, operational tactics, member-specific information including email addresses and cell phone numbers, and other proprietary information relating to WIPA and its members. We pledge to protect and keep confidential all such information, ensuring it is not disclosed, disseminated, or used for any unauthorized purposes. Access to member information granted to us by virtue of our positions on the Board will only be used for the fulfillment of our duties to WIPA. We will uphold all relevant privacy laws and regulations and understand that breach of these confidentiality obligations can result in both professional consequences within WIPA and potential legal ramifications and abide by the WIPA non-disclosure agreement.

5. Fiduciary Duty

Act in the best interests of WIPA, putting the organization’s financial welfare above personal or professional gain. Understand and accept our legal and ethical responsibilities to manage the organization’s financial resources prudently.

6. Respectful Collaboration

Foster a culture of mutual respect, openness, and respect on the Board. Engage in open, constructive discourse and decision-making, respecting the diverse perspectives of fellow Board members.

7. Adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

We affirm our commitment to understanding, upholding, and implementing WIPA’s Standard Operating Procedures in our roles as Board members. These SOPs provide the framework for operational efficiency, consistency, and integrity within our organization. By adhering to these procedures, we promise to maintain the high standards of operational excellence that are expected of us. We understand that failure to comply with these SOPs can negatively impact WIPA’s operations and its reputation, and we accept the professional consequences that may arise from any such failure. We agree to regularly familiarize ourselves with updates or changes to SOPs and to incorporate these changes into our actions and decisions as Board members.

Violation of any part of this Code of Ethics may lead to a review by the WIPA ethics committee, removal from board or committee positions, loss of voting rights and potential removal from WIPA membership. By agreeing to this Code of Ethics, WIPA members acknowledge their responsibility to uphold these standards and accept the accountability measures outlined.

If you have any feedback or questions about our code of ethics,
please contact us at info@wipa.org.