Desert Disco By Floral Design Workshop

Desert Disco By Floral Design Workshop

By Myriam Lopez, Mylofleur Floral

Hello Amigas, Our first ever floral fashion show. We had the pleasure of working with DecNDeets on the Desert Disco Workshop + Networking event of the summer!

Inspired by Land | Art | Uctu | Ral

“During this pandemic, public spaces have played a vital role in the health and sustainability of urban communities around the world” James Delaney, Block by Block.

We activated a space and transformed it into a learning, sharing and interactive space in 18bin (Downtown, Las Vegas).

We created an interactive environment while hosting an educational hands-on activity with floral. Followed with a keynote speaker and finished with a biophilic inspired 70’s Fashion Show. It was one of the hardest and sleepless month’s ever! We were so excited nonetheless! We achieved our creative goals, along with all of our vendor friends that supported us.

As a recognized Biophilic Designer Architect, I know that every flower and plant has its unique personality, and each can bring the best of every individual character. We hand picked outfits to match the shape, aesthetics and personalities of every model with the Concept that Color is Alive – We are colorful humans with our own tune walking around on this earth. Some speak louder than others.

On this day we experienced and interacted with color more than usual. Even though it was hot- many were smiling and admiring. It has become an unforgettable moment.

“creating with VIBRANCY AND COLOR- creates an illusion for the partaker. As observed-vibrant elements create an emotion of ecstatic-ism, a positive reaction in the atmosphere. This collection of artists creates a road map of ideas for the impact of an unforgettable moment.”

Personal Note:

A Focus on color – I think my love of plants and flowers stems from and is inextricably entwined with the unusual way I understand and perceive color. I realized when I was young that I experienced the world in a very distinctive way. I view and feel everything in life through a lens of color. Every hue has a unique quality, personal meaning, and feeling associated with it. For example, red is power and strength. My favorite color is coral, the color of Peonies from tropical settings. It’s a happy color, and I love to wear an element of it most days because it helps me feel hopeful, charismatic, and positive about my life.

Every day of the week has its color and character, which influences my mood, creativity, and motion throughout the day. One pleasant side effect of this is that I have a perfect memory, as moments are always linked to particular colors.

I’ve learned that this way of experiencing the world through color is a form of synaesthesia, a condition that affects sensory perception. Yet, it has affected my perception of time. Something that I lack- I have to put color in time. A common form is when a person perceives letters or numbers as inherently colored.

Synaesthetes often have extraordinary abilities, like performing complex mental arithmetic or memorizing an entire phone book. Often they are very creative, and many become involved in visual arts, music, and theater. For me, design, music manneristic, and piano embodies the pinnacle of my creative expression My Sense of color appreciation evolved as I moved through life. Travels in my twenties took me overseas, to exotic destinations where tradition and color were stunningly intertwined. Color has always felt like a language I can converse in, and it is a medium I feel in thought with from an emotional perspective.

“Nature can show us so much in terms of design, an abundance of colors, patterns, and intricate shapes that never ceases to amaze me.”

Thank you all that helped and supported us.

“to see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour” we said this with a floral fashion show."

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