Leadership Development Council For WIPA Leaders

Leadership Development Council For WIPA Leaders

The Leadership Development Council is WIPA’s very first standing council, which will be dedicated to fostering the growth and development of current and future WIPA leaders. Comprised of experienced and trusted WIPA past and present leaders, this Council will work closely with the Board to cultivate the next generation of leadership.

The new Leadership Development Council is fresh off of its first initiative- bringing in the first professional leadership trainer to the joint WIPA Board and President’s Retreat in Phoenix, which was a success. Our next focus will be the ongoing Virtual Live Training for Leaders. First, LDC will be hosting a Panel of Immediate Past Presidents exclusively for IPPs on February 15. We welcome any feedback on how leadership training can improve our WIPA leaders- please don’t hesitate to email Chair Meghan Ely at meghan@ofdconsulting.com with your thoughts.

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