WIPA Webinar – February – Leah Weinberg

WIPA Webinar – February – Leah Weinberg

Is It Time for a Legal Tune Up?
A Guide for Seasoned Wedding Pros

When business is booming and your client pipeline is full, you may find that your backend operations start collecting dust. While letting your systems or processes languish is one thing, allowing the legal components of your business to go untouched can leave you at serious risk — and by the time you find out, it’s usually too late. In this session, Leah takes attendees through the legal foundation of running a company of any size and speaks to the importance of establishing a relationship with an attorney before you actually need one. She’ll explore every corner of your business from a legal standpoint, including classifying team members, updating contracts, website policies, and email marketing requirements.

Takeaways include:
• What to look for in the contracts of freelancers that you’re hiring
• Potential liability pitfalls to be aware of when working with clients and colleagues
• When it’s critical to get your attorney involved and legal tasks you might be able to handle on your own

Leah Weinberg – co-founder of Oduberg Law, LLP – is an attorney, a recovering wedding planner, and the author of The Wedding Roller Coaster.

After nearly a decade in the wedding industry as the owner of Color Pop Events, a New York City-based wedding planning company, Leah is returning to her roots as an attorney to assist her former colleagues in the events industry, along with other entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Her work and insights have been published online and in print with Vogue, the New York Times, People, CNN, CNBC, Bravo, Martha Stewart, and The Knot, among others. 

A WeddingPro Educator with The Knot + WeddingWire since 2020, Leah travels throughout the country and internationally sharing insight with her peers regionally, as well as at national conferences such as Alt Summit, NACE Experience, and The Special Event.

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