WIPA Webinar – April – Charessa Sawyer

WIPA Webinar – April – Charessa Sawyer

Navigating Burn-Out

“Navigating Burnout: Unveiling Triggers and Strategies for Wedding & Event Pros” addresses the unique challenges in the wedding and event planning industry that can lead to burnout, such as high-pressure environments and demanding clients. It emphasizes identifying early triggers to prevent burnout and offers practical strategies like setting boundaries, practicing self-care, seeking support, and managing time effectively. Event Therapy will share real-life examples and exercises that professionals learn how to proactively manage their workload and find harmony in their busy schedules while thriving in their roles.

Charessa Sawyer is a certified event planning professional and owner of SC Visionary Planning & Production Services, a global events agency for businesses, nonprofits and corporate leaders. She offers experiential event planning, logistics and management services for businesses that are focused on business growth and exposure. In addition to event planning, Charessa provides key therapeutic strategies and resources to support event industry professionals through her Event Therapy Network and is the author of Event Therapy: 10 steps to Ultimate Event Planning, SCV: A Glimpse into A Kick Ass Team, and publisher of Event Therapy Publication.

Charessa’s goal to address mental health in the event and entertainment industry has grown to service a number of professionals across the globe through its support groups and mental health focused events. As a licensed master of social work, Charessa is not shy about addressing tough issues and producing events to bring awareness. Her event company is known for its attention to details and to the well being of its clients.

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