Below is a sample chapter newsletter email and to the right is a breakdown of the various components. The template is simple: logo, header, graphic, text, repeat. Please email with any questions.

Chapter newsletters must be submitted in PDF form. Please keep file size as small as possible for faster loading time. For outgoing email of newsletter, include a subject line, PDF file, & short text (optional). Turn around time for emails is 3 business days, once a test is approved the email will be scheduled for distribution.

Sample Newsletters:

- click on any image below to see PDF -

Anatomy Of A Newsletter:


Subject lines should be short enough to be read in email clients. Try to include your region, which is usually in the “from” area.

WIPA Chapter Logo (Standard)

Standard placement of the WIPA Chapter Logo – always the same size and provided by WIPA Admin Team. If you include this in a special graphic, you can request that this logo be removed.

Section Heading (700px wide)

Many newsletters have a heading for each section. This can be a graphic 700px wide) or text that you specify a look for. Graphics can be made in CANVA. Heading are typically “UPCOMING EVENTS” or “MEMBER HIGHLIGHTS.”


Text about your topic at hand. You can have a one or two column design. You can have a graphic and text or two graphics. A single column is 340px wide for text or graphic.


Many chapters include their invite graphics or even webinars graphics. Graphics are limited to 700px wide. Graphics can be made in CANVA and should be jpg or png files. You may also include gif files in your design, but remember not all email can view gif files.


Buttons are basically graphics. They can be the full column of 700px wide or any portion thereof. Graphics can be created in CANVA. You must also provide the link that the button links to.


Please double check your links to make sure they work properly. You can link any graphic or text, just specify the link.


The above process repeats for however many sections you wish to have in your newsletter. If your newsletter is a PDF, please click here for that example.

Social Media (Standard)

Standard on all chapter emails. This is provided by the WIPA Admin Team.