Below is a sample event invite email and to the right is a breakdown of the various components. The template is simple: logo, graphic, text, registration button, optional sponsors. Please email info@wipa.org with any questions.


Subject lines should be short enough to be read in email clients. Try to include your region, though this is usually in the from area.

WIPA Chapter Logo (Standard)

Standard placement of the WIPA Chapter Logo – always the same size and provided by WIPA Admin Team.

Invite Graphic (700px wide)

Invite you have made (possibly in CANVA). Must be 700px wide. A square is recommended as this size can also be used on Instagram and Facebook and cut down on the number of graphics needed. This same invite graphic will be used on your chapter landing page.

Text About Event

Text about the event. You’re not limited by words, but keep in mind what people have time to read. This text will also be used on your chapter landing page with the invite graphic.

Registration Button

Either a “Register Now” button or a “RSVP” button (for free events). This button graphic is provided the WIPA Admin Team.

Event Details Text (Optional)

After the button is a good place for info about parking or the venue address. Sometimes chapters include hotel block information here. This text is optional.

Sponsors (Optional)

Sometimes there is a need for sponsors. You can list them by name or make a 700px wide graphic to be included here. This is optional.

Social Media (Standard)

Standard on all chapter emails. This is provided by the WIPA Admin Team.