Sponsorship Tech Specs

WIPA offers a variety of digital formats for premium exposure of sponsor messaging across our brand.

Logo & Writeup on Sponsor Page (Website)

Sponsors and/or Partners that offer a discount to our WIPA members can be listed on the website with a logo and writeup (50-70 words). Logo should be no more than 600px wide with a transparent background, if possible. PNG and JPG formats only.

Social Media

A social media post format includes jpg and png images and short text submission with no links. Size is limited to square and size no more than 1100px x 1100px.

Instagram Stories

A Instagram story consists of no more than 4 slides. Formats include jpg and png images or video. You may provide video which is limited to 15-second clips. If there is specific audio along with your story or video, that must be also submitted. All slides must be submitted together. Format for stories is 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall, with a 9:16 aspect ratio.

Email Block

A highlighted section in our member monthly newsletter. A “Sponsored” header may appear above the section. Formats include jpg and png. If you have text with links then please submit the text (links in parenthesis after text to be linked and we will link). Size is of graphic is limited to 700px wide.

Sponsor Email

An entire email by the sponsor. A WIPA logo will appear at the top and WIPA social media links will be in the footer. A “Sponsored Email” header will precede the email body. Email must be submitted in HTML format and is limited to 700px wide format.

Blog Banners

A blog banner can appear within a blog on the website. Formats may include PNG, JPG and GIF (for animation). Sizes can be 730px x 90px, 1200px x 90px or 1200px x 250px.

If you have an immediate question: info@wipa.org.