Video Submission

Please use the form below to enter information about the video you are submitting.
Once filled out, you will be directed to an upload area for the file itself.

Length & Content: There is no limit to the length of the video but should include the intro of the speaker, the entirety of the presentation and the Q&A after. The video should max out at 1GB for submission purposes.

Editing & Branding: Special Editing or Branding of the educational portion is not required but can be done. Branding elements or logos can be provided by the chapters Marketing/Communications board member.

Submission Format: Video should max out at 1GB and be sent to either the Programs or Education Director of the chapter.

Deadline: Video must be submitted to the chapter within 30 days of the event.

Please allow 1-3 business days for the video to appear online in your chapter’s member area. Highlight videos will not be placed in the library, but rather on the WIPA Blog.

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